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Why are long skirts on Japanese school girls associated with bad behaviour?
In Australia its short skirts that draw unwanted attention from the teachers about being a "Bad girl" (Oh how lame that sounds) but in japan the longer the skirt the badder you are? can anyone explain this? why do they want teenage girls to wear really short skirts?
In Japanese schools your skirt has to be to the knee, so after school a lot of girls hike up their skirts to look "cute". There's no rule about the skirt being longer than knee length, so the "rebels" or in Japanese "yankii" girls who are into being bad and looking tough get skirts that are down to their ankles. It was big in the 80's, I haven't seen it in awhile.
Why are Japanese school girls' skirts so short?
I have noticed in animes and tv, girls in their schools wears shorts skirts. Being in a country where I never saw a school girl wear short skirts to school, it looks strange to me that the school people allow that. Why is that?
Anime and tv is fantasy. It is a fantasy to see girls in short skirts. Just call it artistic license.

Does Japanese school girls' underwear have to be white?
The thing is, underwear color should not be up to the teachers, if they happen to be perverted and having a white underwear fetish, and get mad at the girls with colored underwear.
Some of those hootchies probably don't wear any.
Do high school Japanese girls like american high school boys?
Im been wondering this for a while at school and want to know if it is true.
It depends on the individual. Some don't, some do.

EDIT: Jack, that isn't true. I'm an Asian girl and I don't find white guys attractive at all.
Why do Japanese school girls wear sailor suits?
I find this weird,is it to fuel the multi-billion dollar school girl pornography industry and drive salary men wild with desire ????
I thought it was a secret way to pat themselves on the back for the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Why do Japanese high school girls have such revealing dresses?
Here is a Youtube video:

Seriously, it can be distracting for guys in school.
The regular length is knee length??? You know that is not true.
Is it wrong to be turned on by Japanese high school uniform (girls)?
im 15 and im a half japanese and everytime i see middle school and high school girls in uniform im like O_O.
is this wrong or are most people the same as me?
Where to find japanese school girl socks?
I am cosplaying and the character I am going as has a school uniform on, with the custom japanese school girl stockings that come up a little pass the knee. Where could I find a pair of these?
You can use leg-warmers and pass them off as those scrunchy socks. Those Japanese socks are like 70cm long! I think the only place you can get the real things are either ebay or in Japan. Or if you got a friend in Japan willing to mail you some. They're really cheap socks too like $5.
Where Can I Find a Cheap Japanese School Girl Top?
I'm looking for a Japanese school girl top, preferably black with a red tie (though I'll take anything, really). I just want the top and tie, not the skirt or socks. Can anyone suggest a good site? And if you can't just buy the top, is there a way to make one? I don't have a job, so I'm looking for something fifty dollars or less. Please help!
Check it out at Cosplayfu.com

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