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What are some websites where u can read gay boys stories?
I used to know this website but it's on my friends computer pls tell me sum cause maybe that will refresh my memory!!!
i know you will not like my answer! but you need to find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend to release your stress .. instead of reading stories and jerking off you should be sticking that willi wonka in that donut.
I would like to hear some gay men and boy coming out stories?
im 14 and am thinking about coming out but i dont reelly know how can you help. be sure to say your age you were in the story thanks
When I was thirteen I worked at my parents diner, and I waited tables. I was a freshmen in highschool, (I skipped a few years of elementary). Well a guy named Damen who was a senior at my school came in one afternoon while I was working.

I had developed a crush on him because he was really hot, and I was always nervous around him. I realized that I was always gay. So yes, Damen was five years older then me, but we became friends really easily and I really started to fall for him.

One day I just decided to ask him what he thought of gay people, and he said he'd accept any one who was gay. I asked him "What would you say if I was gay?". He just said he'd still be my best friend. He then told me it didn't matter, because he was gay too.

I then confessed and then then I thought he'd laugh at me, but he said he liked me a lot. The whole school found out and I really had no problem with people knowing. I told my parents and everything. My parents were shocked at first but they still lived me just the same.

I'm 16 now, and I'm still with Damen. :)

Good luck bro. ;)
Where can I find gay stories about boys around the ages of 15-20?
<<I posted this again because I only recieved two answers to the first post>>>

Hey I am in the mood to do some reading, and why not make it some gay stories? I have already visited the site <mygaystoriesdotcom> and I read some of the ones that seemed to be revolving around guys my age: I'm 17. So can anyone suggest any other websites where I can read stories like these? I'd prefer stories about guys my age because I can better relate to them and/or learn from them. Thanks a lot!
Movie where gay boy is killed by two other guys?
The movie is like a Lifetime movie based on a true story which took place in late 90's or early 2000's. It is about a gay boy who was walking home and was beaten to death by two guys. The movie revolves around the court case and in the end one of the boys is sentenced to life in jail and the other is sentenced to death row.
This sounds like the Matthew Shepard story.

Please check out any of the links below for more information on the film, the events on which they are based and the LGBT rights organization founded in his honor:……
What's a name for a rich slutty gay boy character for my story?
i'm writing about social cliques, and we have to do a story.
whats a name for a rich slutty gay boy?
idkkk something like hilton or richie
but nothing too original or ordinary, but nothing weird or stupid either.
idkk! HELP
I went to high school with a guy that fits your description to a T. His name was Cubby. Or maybe you could use

Good gay love stories both fact and fiction?
Does anyone have any good gay fact or fiction love stories? I need them because I'm writing a boy love story between Fool and Roach from people under the stairs or :)
Gay stories?
what are some good websites for gay stories about boys between the ages of 13-25? or any suggestions of what i could type into the google toolbar?
Great minds think alike I have read all this stories on this site hope you enjoy them.
I never watch glee but I heard there are gay couple on it?
So, I check out the youtube compilation about a highschool gay boy love story with his jock class mate? Typical. The guy is pretty girly, I wait to see what the jock looks like? And then when I see him...Blah. They're like bottom and bottom, how lame.

That's why I dont get ***** on white guys.
Well, look up 'Blaine glee' and you'll see the 'girly guys (Kurt)' potential love interest. He is HOT! Just so you know, the jock was a closeted gay that let his secret out to Kurt by kissing him. They are in no kind of relationship. The Jock is Kurts Bully, and no one digs on him anyways.
HOW is Harry Potter a story about a gay boys struggle through life?
My friends English teacher said that Harry Potter was, in fact, a tale about a boys struggle through his gay life.
Please enlighten me on this topic
I've heard this a bunch, too. I've never really looked into it much though. I've always just dismissed it, because it's so obviously not true.
Dumbledore is gay. But I'm sure you already knew that.
Your teacher is a moron.

I just looked it up, though. This is what I got...

"Who is the most famous gay man in Britain – Will Young, Elton John or Peter Mandelson? No, no, and no. It is somebody else altogether – an international mega-star who is in every British home, even those belonging to the most middling of Middle England Mail-readers. Here are some clues: he lives in a closet. Literally. He hangs out in King’s Cross looking for like-minded people. He wears long flowing purple gowns and waves wands. His best friends are a ginger geek, a female swot and a leather clad geriatric who haunts dusty alleys. There is a strange force in his life he can’t control. It grips him in adolescence and devours his whole being. Oh, and he likes to feel wood between his legs.

Harry Potter is gay. The discovery was made when the US cultural critic Michael Bronski explained in the Boston Phoenix, “So much of the basic Potter plot is identical to the traditional coming-out story: Harry's differentness makes him an outcast in his own family. He is physically, emotionally, and mentally mistreated by the Dursleys [his aunt and uncle]. Their cruelty is calculated and dangerous – he is, in essence, repeatedly queer-bashed by them. And as in so many coming-out stories, Harry is confused by his secret desires.”

The novels are about a secret world. The wizards and witches know they are different, and that they must hide their difference from the grey (straight) world. The similarities between, say, Parcel-tongue (which enables Harry to speak to snakes) and gaydar are striking. The secret world of magic is just as clearly parallel with the old gay world of secret clubs and public toilets – which, alas, most of the world’s gay men still inhabit. Bronski argues that this is becoming more and more blatant as the novels progress: “In the newly released Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Rowling seems to play more openly with a gay reading of the books. During an argument with Harry, the obnoxious Dudley mentions that his cousin spoke in his sleep about someone named Cedric, lashing out, "Who's Cedric – your boyfriend?" And in the ensuing argument, Dudley seems to have a homosexual panic attack when Harry takes out his wand: "Don't point that thing at me," he says repeatedly.”

He even believes that Harry’s wand is – not to put too fine a point on it – becoming more and more like a cock as he gets older and more sexualised. His wand used to produce only “vapour and smoke” but by the most recent novel it is producing solid substances - a Patronus stag, in fact. A house owl scolds Harry by warning him to put his wand back in his pants. JK Rowling has, according to the Daily Mirror, denied that Harry is batting for the other Quidditch team, and said she finds this reading of her novels “astonishing”. Oh, come, come, JK. Look at your enemies, and realise who your friends are."

What the hell? While I can see where they're coming from (kind of) now that they point things out, I still think it's ridiculous. They're just trying to find another problem with something popular. It's only because they can :D
Lets see...Who gives the best Ending to this Story about a Gay boy..?
It was around midnight when Peter noticed the arrival of a new passenger in the train. The guy who entered his compartment was in his initial twenties. Peter was impressed by his youthful appearance. But, mostly he was attracted to the bulge in his pants.
Peter, a man of age 29, was a gay in a closet. He was single and had decided to remain single throughout his life. But tonight, he was not able to control his emotions.
‘What do you think of me’? Asked the guy suddenly to Peter.
‘I am sorry’. Peter was surprised.
‘Don’t be buddy. I can see that you like me. I am gay. And today if you would say that you aren’t gay, you would be sorry forever in your life.
After few hours, in an small hotel room, Peter tasted the joy of love, passion and pain.
For the next 6 months, Rick, the train guy, lived with Peter. For them, every night was a journey through heaven, until one night when Peter came back home, he found his home in hell.
‘Peter, you promised that in 6 months, you will come out to everyone and then we will get married. But, you broke your promise.’
‘Its not that easy to come out, my love.’
‘Stop this nonsense Peter, or I will tell everyone what you really are.’
‘Please no. Give me just 1 more week.’
‘Okay, I will give you 1 more week. But, as you have broken your promise, I will break mine now. I will make love with some other person tonight.’
‘Oh! Yes. And what more. I will do it with a girl. Remember Sarah, our previous cook. You fired her because she secretly liked me. She won’t deny me tonight then.’ And with that Rick went away.
Next morning, he came back again.
‘Peter, let me introduce you to our new cook, Sarah.’
Now Peter was in dilemma. Neither he could afford to loose his social respect by coming out, nor he could loose his love Rick.

(What do you guys think will happen now. Give this story a reasonable ending.You can mail it to me if its too long at I will mail you back the ending I have thought.)
But that night when Peter saw Rick and Sarah kissing passionately in the kitchen, he made up his mind. He sent mail to everyone he knew – I AM GAY.
He went to Rick, who was still kneeling over Sarah. “Rick! I have come out”.
“What?” Sarah and Rick got separated in an instant.
“Yes. Now everyone knows that I am gay”.
Soon, Peter’s cell phone started receiving messages and calls from his relatives and friends. Patiently, Peter confirmed everyone that the mail wasn’t a mistake and he actually is gay. After an hour, when it all got over, Peter asked Rick a simple question - “Will you marry me, Rick?”
“No. I won’t marry you. And I won’t marry Sarah too.” Sarah gave a joyful laugh.
Peter looked from Rick to Sarah. “What the hell is wrong with you two? Sarah, you please leave us alone and Rick look buddy, now the whole world knows that Peter is gay.”
“I think, mission is completed Rick”, exclaimed Sarah. And she gave Rick a long lived hug.
Now, Sarah turned to face Peter. “Peter, do you remember Karl? That happy face and those charming blue eyes.”
“Karl… no… yes.. oh, how come Karl fit into this? He died some 11 years ago.” Hesitated Peter.
“Its got everything to do with Karl. And Peter, Karl committed suicide. And you are his murderer.”
“No, he fell from window”. Replied Peter.
“Oh really!” shot back Rick. “And who was the last one he called? It was you Peter”.
“How the hell you know?”
“Rick is Karl’s younger brother Peter, and I was Karl’s best friend in school. Remember black haired girl Sarah Rockwood. Yes Peter, I am that Sarah. These red hair fooled you easily.”
Peter sank on the sofa. Even words failed him.
“Peter before dying Karl left me a letter”, said Sarah. “In the whole world, only I knew he was gay. I hope, you remember, how once Karl came to return your book at your home. You weren’t at home at that time. So, your mother asked him to wait for you in your bedroom. There he found your personal diary. By just reading few entries, he came to know that you are gay too. And moreover, you like Karl a lot.”
“Is that why, in school he proposed me?”cried Peter. “Oh! Sarah, I was coward. I was always afraid of the society. That’s why I denied him”.
“Peter, what really hurt him was your behavior. You told everyone. Karl was proud to be gay. But to show yourself innocent in front of everyone, you made fun of him. Because of you he was expelled from school. His parents suffered a lot.”
Peter now stood up. “I remember his last call. Karl told me, he wasn’t angry with me. But he was feeling guilty for his parents. And he told, he was going to end all this. Rick, I really didn’t know that he was going to end his life.”
“Sarah, lets go. Now, I don’t want to be here anymore”, urged Rick.
“No Rick, Peter needs to know everything”. She now again turned to Peter. “Peter, at the funeral of Karl, I promised him that someday I will make you come out. So, I joined your home as a cook. Then, I called Rick and got him in the plan. One day, I heard you talking over a phone about a business meeting. You were supposed to travel in train to the next city for it. There Rick got the golden opportunity of seducing you. And today, you are out Peter. Oh Rick, now everyone will understand that Karl was innocent.”
“Lets go Sarah, now” again shouted Rick. Sarah and Rick moved towards the door.
“I love you Rick”, cried Peter tearfully. “You can’t do this to me”.
“Karl loved you too, Peter. Had he deserved this in exchange for his love”. With that Rick and Sarah went away.
Next morning, Peter went to see Karl’s grave. He cut his wrist. He wrote on his grave with his blood – I love you too Karl. I took me 11 years to answer your proposal. Hope I am not too late.
Slowly, darkness fell in the eyes of Peter. Then, Peter saw a light. At some distance, Karl was waving at him.
“Welcome Peter.” Finally Peter ran into Karl’s arm.

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